Why MathsOne

Why MathsOne

The primary goal of MathsOne is the development of Education, Character formation, Performing Arts, Creativity boosting, Health & Wellness on Social and Environmental issues.

It is with this aim, that MathsOne Academy was formed initially to promote quality education in the immediate society around. The Academy aims to produce responsible citizens in society, transforming themselves personally and professionally.

This can be attained only through education which is planned and unique to each individual, because the understanding of one individual differs from another by context. And as such most foreign countries prominent of which is Finland have already adapted to the trends and modified their pattern of imparting knowledge to the next generation. But most schools within our nation haven’t yet caught up with the recent trend changes in field of education.

The concept of education has degraded to the point where marks and test scores are more important than knowledge, logic, reasoning and character development. The schools are bound by regulation and rules which prevent the school authorities to rectify this at their end. That’s where MathsOne comes in.

MathsOne being a coaching center is free from all these shackles restricting pertained to the established universities and is free to implement the recent changes and technologies after a thorough study. At MathsOne the best of all technologies is used to impart the students not only knowledge but a sense of character and unique creativeness as well.

Each student is cared individually and taught in a manner that is unique to them.

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