School Math Coaching

School Math Coaching

Classes 1 to 6 (IGCSE Syllabus)
Classes 1 to 7 (ICSE and CBSE Syllabus)

This is the first step in ensuring your child can have a bright future! This is the age where children develop their pattern of thinking. Mathematics helps children to achieve a higher level of logical thinking. It allows them to observe all situations subconsciously and deduce a solution. But learning Math alone isn’t the key. It’s how you learn it. At MathsOne academy we have thoroughly researched how a young person thinks and simulated our teaching approach to suit their taste. It’s unique to each!

Highlights of our Specialized Training Methodology

  • Starts from the fundamentals
  • Lays strong Foundation in Mathematics.
  • Generates Passion and Interest in Mathematics
  • Toughness is simplified and makes Mathematics an easy and favorite subject
  • Equips to be extremely confident to solve any kind of direct or indirect question spontaneously and score high marks in Entrance Examinations and full marks in Board Exams
  • 100% Coverage of Syllabus with Systematic Lesson Plan
  • Stress Free Environment
  • Development of Mathematical Skills from Zero Knowledge Level to an Expert Level is Guaranteed
  • Concept Visualization
  • Trains to Self-Learn using ICT Based Learning Methodology
  • Focuses on Active Learning
  • Project Based Application Level Applied Mathematical Training
  • Motivation and Skill Enhancement Training from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence
  • Early Enhancement of Logical Thinking, Metal Ability, EQ and IQ
  • Lesson Plan includes separate slots for Teaching, Practice, Tests, Model Exam, Revision classes and Remedial Classes
  • Coverage and Practice of topics related to future competitive examinations and entrance examinations from Class 6 onwards
  • Mathematical Aptitude, Group Puzzles, Quiz, Shortcut Methods per lesson plan

1) Olympiad Training

This service is offered to students, aiming to participate in different National level and International level Olympiads. Extensive training is provided to tackle the trickiest of the problems supported by Olympiad comprehensive and Olympiad Q&A bank for classes 1 - 5.

2) Olympiad Examination

This is a National-level Math Olympiad conducted to promote the quest for mathematical wisdom among school children. The exam is conducted in two phases and winners are awarded with attractive prizes, to kindle the enthusiasm among the children.

3) School Level Tie-ups & Training

In this mode of trainings elite category educational institutions are supported with the Math expertise and research backed insights acquired by us. Schools are provided with superior quality Math workbooks and teachers are trained for identifying and transferring the fun filled way of learning Math, thus enabling the student to carry the knowledge acquired along with their life journey.

4) MEGA (MathsOne Enlightened Genius Activation) Kids Training

This is a special value-based training programme, focusing on Mathematics foundation building, Moral skill development, Social etiquettes, Wellness and Thought Process Reengineering. This programme is intended for children, under the age of 10. It is a unique program aiming at the holistic development of children.

5) Math Summer Camps

We are also focusing on conducting Math Summer Camps named Math-e-Magix for guiding children through a fun filled Math journey. This in long run helps the child to grasp the Math concepts delivered in the classroom as part of the regular academic curriculum, due to the fearlessness and lovingness developed towards Mathematics as a subject.
Successful math journey requires a set of skills such as, Problem Solving skill, Logical Reasoning skill, Creative Thinking skill, Analytical Thinking skill and Applied Math skill. These skills are sharpened during this summer course through Puzzles, Role Plays and a variety of Team Activities.

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