One cube is missing from the bottom layer of this stack of cubes. How many total individual cubes are in the entire stack of cubes?

If my train journey takes 47 minutes and my taxi journey takes 19 minutes longer, what is my total travelling time in hours and minutes?

Complete the words so that the two letters that end the first word start the second word and the two letters that end the second word start the third word, etc. The two letters that end the s

Which two days are missing?

If five men can build a house in 16 days, how long will it take just two men to build the same house, assuming all men work at the same rate?

What will be the next number in below sequence ?

In a right-angled triangle what is the length of the hypotenuse if the two shortest sides are 10 and 24 cm respectively?

How many minutes is it before 12 noon if 20 minutes ago it was three times as many minutes after 9 am?

Insert the missing letter in order to spell out an eight letter word reading clockwise.

The time is 24 minutes to the hour on a clock on which the numbers on the face are shown in Roman numerals. Arrange the numerals below in the order in which they appear from the minute hand

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