Which two days are missing?

The average of three numbers is 48. The average of two of these numbers is 56. What is the third number?

Only one group of five letters below can be rearranged to spell out a five letter word in the English language. Identify the word.

In a right angled triangle, if the lengths of the two shortest sides are whole numbers exactly and the length of the hypotenuse is 40 cm, what are the lengths of the two shortest sides?

Find the ages of Mary, George, Alice, Claire and Stephen if : 
Mary + George = 33 years between them.
Alice + Claire = 95 years between them.
Stephen + Mary = 72 years between the

The ages of five family members total 107 between them.
The ages of Margaret and Stuart total 29 between them.

What will be the next number in below sequence ?

Find out the numbers in the boxes?

Complete the words so that the two letters that end the first word start the second word and the two letters that end the second word start the third word, etc. The two letters that end the s

Work clockwise round each circle to spell out two eight letter words that are synonymous. You have to find the starting points and provide the missing letters.

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