Our Unique Course Plan

Our Unique Course Plan

  • Designed and Developed our own Workbook for Students
  • Math Lab for Projects and Practical
  • Mathematical tips and tricks.
  • Mathematical Aptitude and Logic Reasoning.
  • Easy Methods and Shortcut Methods.
  • Mathematical Puzzles.
  • Objective type questions for Competitive Examinations, Scholarship Examinations, Entrance Examinations and Olympiads.
  • Theory Sessions
  • Tutorial Sessions
  • Practice / Assignment / Project Sessions
  • ICT based Presentation Sessions
  • Daily Tests
  • Chapter Tests
  • Quarterly Examinations
  • Model Examinations


Positive student engagement: The process of gaining knowledge and understanding to increase student achievement with high educational standards and get them involved in the curriculum and provide them hands on learning options blended with assignments especially using ICT enabled process and offer them effective course based support services throughout the year by all faculty members. Faculty members are clearly aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the students thus provide them sufficient instructional scaffolding and put the students in a comfort zone where they can enjoy learning.

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