A Blazar is an example of an AGN (Active Galactic Nuclei). At the center of most galaxies including our own Milky Way there exists a super massive black hole that can have the mass of millions or even billions of Suns. The gravity in the vicinity of such a black hole is so intense that even light cannot escape.  In some cases, a modest fraction of the material falling onto the black hole is sent off away from the black hole, along the axis of its rotation, in the form of great outflows, or “jets," with materials moving with speeds close to the speed of light and when a galaxy happens to be oriented so the jets point toward Earth, it’s called a blazar. The emitted light may include high-energy gamma rays which can be a billion times more energetic than the light our eyes can see. At peak emission, observing a blazar feels a little like looking down the barrel of the most powerful gun in the universe


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