Harish-Chandra, one of the leading Mathematicians of the twentieth century was born on 11 October, 1923 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He attended the University of Allahabad where he studied theoretical physics and was awarded a master's degree in 1943. He then moved to Cambridge, where he studied for his Ph.D. under Dirac's supervision. However, he was greatly influenced by the Mathematicians Hermann Weyl and Claude Chevalley and slowly moved away from physics, and became more interested in Mathematics.

He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. He won the Cole prize from the American Mathematical Society in 1954 for his papers on representations of semi simple Lie algebras and groups, and particularly for his paper [Har51]. In 1974, he received the Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal from the Indian National Science Academy. He died of a heart attack at the end of a weeklong conference in Princeton, having earlier suffered from three heart attacks.

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