Srinivasa Ramanujan was an Indian Mathematician who was renowned for his pioneering contributions to the theory of numbers. Ramanujan gained inspiration from the George Shoobridge Carr’s Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics which he obtained at a tender age of 15 and later went on to develop his own theorems and ideas. Ramanujan published his first paper in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society in 1911 after living in the poorest of circumstances after giving up everything following his passion for Mathematics. His genius was quickly recognized by the British Mathematician Godfrey H. Hardy who tutored him and collaborated with him in some research. In 1918 he was elected to the Royal Society of London. Ramanujan died in 1919 in India from tuberculosis. Ramanujan left behind three notebooks containing many unpublished results that Mathematicians continued to verify long after his death.

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