Hypatia, was born. 355 CE and in her time, the world’s leading Mathematician and astronomer, the only woman for whom such claim can be made. Her father, Theon of Alexandria, was also a renowned  a Mathematician and astronomer who was famous for his works on Ptolemy’s Almagest and Handy Tables which was later continued by Hypatia. Her works lead her to more difficult areas still she stumble on the concept of Neoplatonism which was a matter of a huge religious conflict between the Christians, Jews, and pagans. Her dedicated work on philosophy was her whole life and her intellectual accomplishments alone were quite sufficient to merit the preservation and respect of her name but she amassed more fame for the brutal way in which she was murdered by Christian zealots. The bishop ordered a mob of monks to kidnap Hypatia, and they proceeded to drag her through the streets as they tortured her. The monks burned Hypatia and scraped her skin off with oyster shells. They then took her to a church where they stripped her naked, beat her with tiles, and tore her limbs from her body.

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