Pythagoras is regarded as the first Mathematician; The Greek philosopher was born in 569 BC. The details of Pythagoras’s   teachings   are uncertain. One of the main doctrines of Pythagoras appears to be metempsychosis, it is the belief that all souls are immortal and after death, the soul is transferred to a new body.  Another belief attributed to Pythagoras was the “harmony of spheres “which states that planets and stars move according to the Mathematical equations. He believed that all things are numbers and that mathematics is the soul and basis for everything and even stated that through mathematics the physical world can be completely understood. He also believed that geometry is the highest form of mathematical studies. Many Mathematical and scientific discoveries were attributed to him, including the credit for discovering the famous Pythagoras theory. He also contributed to our understanding of angles, triangles, areas, proportions and polygons. Unfortunately little is known about his personal life and to this day the father of numbers remains a mysterious figure.

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