Benford’s law states that ‘for many sets of numbers, the first or “leading” digit of each number is not purely random. It has been revealed that there is a 30.1% chance the leading digit is a 1.This fact holds true for a variety of numerical sets from the surface area of rivers and lakes to the player statistics in baseball and basketball. The law is ‘scale- invariant’ meaning even if you convert the units the law still holds. Mathematicians use this law to detect anomalies in tax manipulations, forges and many more. This law holds for entities beyond GOD’s green Earth as well. The Gamma rays that reach the earth from the remains of dead stars even follow this rule. The Earthquakes, volcanic reactions all without exemption follow Benford’s Law. Theodore Hill, a Mathematician at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, says that geoscience makes full use of Benford’s law in their predictions. They differentiate between noise and original seismic activity with the help of Benford’s law.

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