In today’s edition let us discuss some Mathematical theorems whose images are more famous than the actual theorems and or proofs.

•          Hairy ball Theorem: It states that it is impossible to comb a hairy sphere flat without there being at least one tuft sticking up. The underlining fact of this theorem is that there will always be one point on the Earth’s surface where there is no wind. Even if we stretch, bend or squeeze the ball the new resultant shape will also be impossible to comb flat.

•          Newton’s cubic: In Newton’s attempt to calculate the slope of curves, he investigated the properties of curve x3 – abx + a3 – cy2 = 0, where a, b and c are constants. The famous of the many images are when a = 1, c = 4 and b ranges from –8 to 8. Of course, these methods of fluxions later came to be called differentiation.

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