More often than not we hear young minds saying that they are done with mathematics and they need never look back on it, what they fail to understand is that in almost all the activities one does every second of the day has mathematics involved. From the moment we wake up we are calculating in our heads the time taken for each activity so that we can on time reach our morning destination. Those of us who follow a diet keep a track of the calorie we burn up. We actively in our head have an idea of how many days more certain supplies last and mental assessment of days before the exam. The core principle of mathematics - calculation and assessment as you saw from above are something we do on a subconscious level, this shows that humans were designed to speak the language of numbers and mathematics is its simplest format. No matter how hard we try to deny, the fact remains that someone with a good comprehension of numbers and figurines has life being played in easy mode. So come on to MathsOne where we solve everyday problems through realms of mathematics.