All of us know that 1 plus 1 equals 2 but how sure are we of this. For as far as we remember we have been taught this and therefore we memorized it, but why 1 plus 1 doesn’t equals to 3 or anything else for that matter. Don’t start pulling your hair. What you have been taught is indeed the truth; in fact there is an 86 page complex proof that states why 1 plus 1 cannot be anything but 2. It may be surprising to many that the proof in your average academic journal is riddled with informalities. There are several hidden leaps of logical faith that aren't entirely justified. Now-a-days Mathematics contains proofs so long and complex that only a handful of people is able to actually understand them in full. According to Euclid, all Mathematical statement should be derived from the very axioms of Mathematics in a sequence of verifiable logical steps, known as formal proofs. The fact remains that even if Mathematicians submitted to the tedious task of expanding all their proofs in such a painstaking manner, it would not be humanly possible to check all the logical steps involved so far in a capsulated syllabus.


That is why here at MathsOne, one of the Best Maths Tuition Centres in Kerala we educate our students in these fascinating lessons that showcase the difference in the Math that one learns and the one that formally exists.