The history of every major civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases The How, Why, and Where as in - Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication. Even in the field of Mathematics, there exists 3 phases

·        The “pre-rigorous” stage: The phase where Mathematics is taught based on examples and gestures. The emphasis is more on computation than on theory

·        The “rigorous” stage: The phase where one is actually educated on how to properly do Mathematics in very formal and precise manner. Here the emphasis is primarily on theory

·        The “post-rigorous” stage: The stage where one is now comfortable with the subject and can accurately perform computations. It gives him a big picture and The emphasis is now on applications.

Without the right knowledge of distinction between the three types of errors, it can lead to the phenomenon of a Mathematical argument. This is why here at MathsOne, one of the Best Tuition Centres in Kerala we educate our students in the importance of Mathematics in everyday life.