There is no doubt that the human brain is indeed a fascinating device but how many of you knew that we can perform some basic Arithmetic without us even knowing. Ran Hassin at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and his colleagues used a technique called continuous flash suppression to test this hypothesis. A volunteer’s right eye was bombarded rapidly changing colorful shapes and a three-part calculation was flashed to the left eye. The volunteer’s awareness is dominated by what the right eye sees, so they remain unconscious of what is presented to the left eye. Following the pictorial representation a number was presented to both eyes, which the volunteer had to say as fast as possible. When the number was the same as the answer to the sum, people were quicker to announce it, suggesting that they had subconsciously worked out the answer, and primed themselves with that number. It has been concluded that this is indeed is a subconscious form of Mathematics.


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