In today’s edition let us take a look at the association between Math and Waves. It’s not that the adept knowledge of Mathematics is required to be a surfer; however the Mathematics of waves is used for designing artificial surfing reefs, computer wave modeling for testing ship designs, bridges, and coastal construction, and for converting wave energy into electricity. The very first that we need to know is that the shape of water waves is not actually Sinusoidal, it is Trochoidal. A "Trochoid" can be defined as the curve traced out by a point on a circle as the circle is rolled along a line.

There are mainly three factors that influence how big wave cab become:

•          Speed of the wind

•          Distance the wind travels over the water – ‘Fetch’

•          The time the waves traveled for

Wave Energy = Wind Speed x Wind Duration x Fetch Distance

 There are three main types of incoming wave:

•          Deep Water: Depth > L / 2

•          Transitional: L / 20 < Depth>

•          Shallow: Depth < L>