I am sure there are several of you who frowned upon just reading the title but what if I told you that a study conducted by a team of British researchers which included two neurobiologists, a physicist and a mathematician proved that the human brain do indeed experience mathematical beauty. In February of 2014 the above mentioned participants were subjected to a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and were shown mathematical equations which they claimed to be ‘beautiful’ earlier. The results of this analysis showed that beautiful formulas stimulated activity in same field of A1 of the medial orbito-frontal cortex (mOFC) in the brain, as other researchers have identified as the seat of experience of beauty from other sources which means that they experience the same qualitative states as are experienced in other modalities such as architecture, sculpture, poetry and music. Further studies pinpointed that all these aesthetic responses seem in part to come from identifying simplicity in complexity, pattern in chaos and structure in stasis. Some also argue that mathematical principles are experienced as “beautiful” because they point directly to the fundamental structure of the universe. After all it is mathematical structures that the entire universe is ultimately made of.