According to the famous words of William Paul Thurston “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations computations or algorithms: it is about understanding”. This is perhaps the single most important fact in this world as everything that belongs under the GOD’s green earth can indeed be represented by equations and figurines. It is said that every phenomenon to have ever taken place or will take place can be represented in its mathematical model. We have full scale of universes being modeled purely in mathematical state. Even if we do not need to fathom such complex entities surely we can all agree that we use the basics of mathematics in our daily life. From judging time and calculating the things that need to be get done to simple addition and subtraction that we do without even realizing it. A world without the subject is simply unimaginable or purely the work of fiction.


This is where MathsOne Academy comes in, we believe in the core principles of knowledge and understanding and we always strive to instill these fundamentals on to the young minds. An institution that brings up the complex subject of mathematics and breaks it down to the capsule format that invokes the curiosity of the young bright minds. The legacy that MathsOne Academy dates back to nearly a century ago where under the foresight vision of Prof. K Rajayyan who aimed for the complete literacy of the subject within the state had laid foundation to the testament that is now known by one and all as MathsOne.