Renowned as the Father of Physics – Galileo himself has coined Mathematics as the cradle of all creation and that the laws of nature are written in the language of Mathematics. From the unfathomable workings of the space-time continuum, to the properties of the tiniest unobservable particles it is the fundamentals of Mathematics that governs it. It has even been imprinted in our subconscious and we make calculations in every minute of each hour, every day. In this 21st century, we cannot even hope to separate technology and internet from our lives and the PC’s that you have at home to the smart phones that you carry around were all possible only because Mathematics existed. You can of course argue that we do not need math to walk or talk to eat or dress but the billions of neurons that fire the signals in sync for you to perform all this is done with the perfection of Mathematics. From the moment of the Big Bang to this present second where you read this, every little incident happened only due to the contribution of Mathematics.


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