I have received a lot of personal requests from my students to tell them about certain Mathematic tricks that looks like magic. So this is to my young aspiring mathematical magicians, I call it ‘Guess the Missing Number’

1.        Ask them to list out a 4 digit number ( 5123)

2.        Ask them to sum up the digits ( 5+1+2+3 = 11)

3.        Subtract the sum from the original number (5123 -11 = 5112)

4.        Tell them to remove any number from the newly acquired number ( 5_12)

5.        Tell them to write the remaining number (512)

The rest you do not say out loud

1.        You sum up the new number (5+1+2 = 8)

2.        Subtract the sum from the nearest multiple of 9 (9-8 =1)


Announce the digit as 1.

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