An area where I have seen most student making silly errors in both the formulas as well as calculation is the calculation of Distance, Speed and Time. Most times these three comes as one entity. A simple way would be to remember this triangle.

1. The equations are as follows:

a. Distance = Speed x Time

b. Time = Distance/Speed

c. Speed= Distance/Time

Other useful equations include:

2. km/hr  to m/sec  conversion:

        x km/hr =[ x x  5/18 ]m/sec.

3. m/sec  to km/hr  conversion:

      x m/sec =[ xx  18/5) km/hr.

4. if the ratio of the speeds of A and B is a : b. then the ratio of the

the times taken by then to cover the same distance is 1/a : 1/b or b : a.

5. Suppose a man covers a certain distance at x km/hr and an equal distance at y km/hr. Then,

the average speed during the whole journey (2xy/ x + y )km/hr.

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