Teaching maths for small kids can be tough sometimes. If we try to teach them the subject directly, they won’t listen to that. Traditional ways to teaching won’t work for small kids. They easily gets distracted and loses interest in the topic. If we try more on them the subject becomes a fright to them and they might lose interest in them. Here are some simple home tricks to train your kids in math.


  • First let’s give them a small game. Save sheets of paper that you intend to throw garbage. Give it to your child and let them wad it up and throw it in the recycle bin. If they hit the target, they get 3 points. If they miss, take away 2 points. Now ask them to calculate the final point level.


  • Give them a pan of water, a big spoon and a jar. Let them fill the jar with the spoon. Ask them to count the spoonfuls as they go and let them calculate the total number of spoonful’s needed to fill the jar.


  •  Vacuuming the room? Ask your children to count how many swipes it takes to get all the way across the room. They can watch you doing the vacuuming and count the swipes.


  • This is a group activity. Give your child  some cotton balls. Offer them a plastic jar to fill up. Once it is full, everyone in the family can guess how many are in the jar. Your child can dump them out, count them and see who was closest.


These are some simple techniques how math can be taught to children. This is where MathsOne comes in, we believe in the core principles of knowledge and understanding and we always strive to instill the fundamentals on to the young minds.

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