Now let’s look about congruent triangles. Congruent triangles can be defined as triangles of the same shape and the same size. Congruent triangles are mainly of five types types: 

The ASA criteria means that two triangles are congruent if two corresponding angles and the side in between are equal. 

SAS (side-angle-side): Two sides and the angle between them are congruent. 

AAS (angle-angle-side): Two angles and the non-included side are congruent.

SSS (Side-Side-Side): If three pairs of sides of two triangles are equal in length, then the triangles are congruent.

Atlast, the RHS criteria means that two triangles are congruent if they are both right-angled triangles, their hypotenuses are equal, and one other side is equal.


Finding congruent triangles using these criteria has wide range of uses in mathematical field. Students find it easier to learn about congruent triangles if taught in the right technique.

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