Saturn, the sixth and the second-largest planet in the solar system has always been a subject of fascination among scientists for centuries, owing to the rings around the planet. The simple answer to this is that Saturn has rings as they are made up of a great deal of dust, particles, and ice at different distances from its surface. Most likely trapped by gravity, the debris form rings and the wavelengths of light get reflected by these rings of debris; therefore, making it visible to the eye. There is another theory saying that Saturn may be too big and it has a gravitational pull so strong that it may be able to snatch debris from space. Gravity is one of the main reasons why Saturn has around 62 moons. The debris initially accumulated in Saturn’s rings is due to a series of asteroid impacts with the moons of the planet. The remnants of the asteroid and the debris from the moon could not escape the gravitational pull of Saturn.

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