As long as you have the necessary skills and are willing to work hard every day, it is not difficult to be a theoretical physicist. If you are studying in high school, then it is paramount to study the highest level of math and physics available at your school. Along with that, having some basic knowledge of astronomy will give you a leg-up for your future theoretical physics study. Always have an eye for top colleges in the country, because studying there could exponentially increase your chances of being exposed to a more rigorous and a wholesome curriculum.

In college, it is best to take physics as a major. Sometimes, you can also opt for a double major in both Math and Physics. Study hard in college, as there is no shortcut to that. Try to attend all your lectures and pay full attention during your practical. If possible, look for research opportunities during summer or during your course. Try to solve the problems you face while studying physics by yourself, or else you will learn nothing. During your course, make sure you particularly excel in the fields of quantum mechanics, particle physics and general relativity. These are the foundations of theoretical physics, so give your best.

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