It sounds like common sense for assuming that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. Well, it can be because of the fact that a cricket ball falls quicker to the ground than a feather. This is true; however, it has nothing to do with gravity. This happens because the earth’s atmosphere provides more resistance to the feather. If the same experiment was to be carried out on the moon, then they both would have fallen down at the same speed.  

About four hundred years ago, Galileo first realized that gravity worked the same on all objects regardless of their mass. Technically speaking, if you drop two objects that are at the same height, they will attain the same acceleration as each other with the progression of time. Every object has the same acceleration due to gravity, but the mass of that object makes a difference while determining the force gravity applies to that object. Due to inertia, the greater the force of gravity due to a greater mass is resisted by the greater tendency of a greater mass to resist acceleration.

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