In Mathematics, zero is the integer immediately preceding the number one (1). Zero is considered an even number because it is divisible by 2 and has no reminder but it cannot be considered either positive or negative. It is the only natural number not to be positive and it quantifies an amount of null size. The origin of zero can be traced back to a Jain text on cosmology surviving in a mediaeval Sanskrit translation in which the text denotes a symbol much similar to the zero as we know now and is familiar with. The symbol also denotes the same value as zero and is widely recognized as the first-ever recorded proof of zero. We later see traces of the same being adopted by the pre-Islamic time for a word ‘sifr’ which translates to empty. It was then picked up by the French from an Italian word ‘zefiro’ which also denotes the same meaning and finally, it was coined in the English language. The first known English use of the word was in 1598.

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