A current problem that exists even in this 21st century is the fact that even the costliest of the lens have blurry edges. This has been a problem that existed well over 2000 years, ever since the first lenses where made. The centre of the lens will be razor-sharp but the edges and corners are often soft and the outer edges always miss the target while focusing. Using a non-spherical lens can help counteract this aberration effect but not completely. All this is going to change after a doctoral student named Rafael G. González-Acuña  at Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey has come up with an equation that gives an analytical solution for this issue. This one-page equation which is yet another confirmation that a career in physics and mathematics wasn’t for me would mean that manufacturing of lenses however small or big will now be less costly. This is not just limited to the photographers and the media field that makes use of high end detailed cameras but also the biological and technological sector as well.

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