The Grand Unified Theory is a particle physics model which theorizes the existence of a unified force, that is the combination of electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions. Even though this unified force has not been directly observed it is predicted that at high enough energy levels it can be made possible. There exist several experiments which confirm that at sufficiently high energy, the electromagnetic interaction and weak interaction can be made to be unified into a single electroweak interaction. The GUT model theorizes that at even higher energy, the strong interaction and the electroweak interaction will unify into a single electronuclear interaction. This theory will also open the possibility that at a very early period of the universe origin these three fundamental interactions were not yet distinct. The GUT models are extremely complicated to comprehend as it speaks about the introduction of additional fields and interactions, or even additional dimensions of space to prove its existence. The theory of everything (TOE) is another theory that suggests this GUT energy model can combine with the gravitational interactions into single energy.

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