The most important lesson that one must learn is to view mistake as a stepping stone. Never get discouraged or dishearten but grow and improve. Allow the students to fix their own mistake, therefore they become more persistent and puts in more effort each time. Never let any of your student worried about the consequence or repercussion; ensure that they are not ashamed of the result. Another key factor to note is that students should not only be ‘allowed’ to make mistakes, but they need to be ‘able’ to make them. If a problem arises in the learning process of the student and is not processed immediately, then a lot of time is elapsed unnecessarily instead always identify the root cause of the mistake whether it is a careless mistake, systematic mistake or misconceptions and an appropriate solution should also be given immediately.


Here at MathsOne, one of the top Mathematics Tuition Centre in Trivandrum we ensure even such tiny details in our educational process has been carried off well.