The citizens of the cent per cent literacy rate in the capital district of GOD's own country, Trivandrum is well aware of what 60 kilometre per hour means. It shows that you will cover 60 kilometres in an hour provided you are still moving at the same speed. We often don't think anything more about it. If we dwell a little more into it, we can learn a few more grim statistics. The fact that we are travelling at 60 km/sec translates to 16 metres per second. The average reaction rate for a human varies from situation to situation and personnel but it is estimated at 1.5 seconds on the roads. The average distance of a vehicle in Indian roads is 4 metres. These stats alone show you that if you are travelling at 60 kilometres per hour and if someone manages to jump anywhere between 16 meters from the car then by all scientific calculations and possibilities an accident is bound to occur. So slowing down in crowded areas is always advised.

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