Snooker is a game that consists of 1 white cue ball, 15 red balls and 6 balls of other colours. Each coloured ball responds to a number and the objective is to sink as many balls into the pocket and whoever has the most point wins. The science that goes into this is

Primarily Newton's first law of motion which states that ‘Any object that remains in rest will do so unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force’. In this case, the external force is the shot we are taking and the ball will continue to be in motion if not for the friction caused on the table.

The next equation would be the equation of motion which gives us the displacement of the ball depending on how strongly we take the shot.

Thirdly, all the fine marginal calculations are considering the fact that we have hit the ball in its dead centre. If the ball is struck anywhere else the concept of momentum comes into play and then the entire dynamics changes.

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