For those who have played golf would know that the only time the golfer has anything to do with the sport is on impact with the golf ball. The essential elements in connecting the golf club with the ball are two pivots: one is the golfers shoulder and the other is his wrist. There also two connecting straight lines from shoulder to wrist and the straight club itself. There exist variables in the torque produced at the shoulder and at the rest. From a very scientific point of view, no matter what we do or for that matter how we design our golf club the ball is not going to travel faster than twice the speed of the club. This is physics. The next factor is of course when the ball is in flight and the air resistance it faces.  The decrease in drag is more likely to come into play in your golf game if the ball is a roughened sphere rather than a smooth one. Extremely experienced and professional golfers can calculate this trajectory by knowing the wind in those areas and accordingly making adjustments before the short because once the delivery has been done then there is nothing the golfer can do that will influence the shot.

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