For those who have played table tennis would know how fast the game is. In fact, it is worth mentioning that there are certain limits to how quickly the body can react to certain conditions.  You need to know that from a biological perspective the human body responds faster to an audio stimulus than a visual stimulus. The reaction time for an audio stimulus is 0.14 of a second while that of a visual stimulus is 0.18.  In the world of table tennis, the average time to react to a short is usually around 0.25 of a second. One can understand that this is border lining on how fast you need to be to play competitively. In fact, many professional players have admitted that their body automatically moves the moment they hear the opposition returning their shot. They can even tell whether the spin used is top-spin or under-spin but that is pure experience and the math behind it gets automatically calculated in their head. After all the human brain is the most sophisticated and efficient computer currently available on planet Earth.

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