The concept of Zero had originated around 520 AD with the Indian Aryabhata who used a symbol he called “kha” as a place holder and since then it has become pivotal in the subject of Mathematics. How important is Zero you ask?

It is so important that for every Mathematical operation has a special rule associated with it.

•    In Addition: whenever zero is added to a whole number or vice versa the sum will be the whole number.

•    In Subtraction: whenever zero is subtracted from a whole number, the difference will be the whole number, and whenever a whole number is subtracted from itself, the difference will be zero.

•    In Multiplication: whole number multiplied by zero equals zero, and vice versa.

•    In Division: Whenever zero is divided by a whole number, the quotient will be zero. Divide a whole number by zero, result is infinity.

•    If you have a number like three hundred six, how do you write it so that you understand that there are no tens in the number? You cannot write it as 36 because that is a totally different number.

•    While rounding numbers, you need to round to its nearest ten. Example 321 is rounded to 320


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