Everyone aims to build a very good body. Hit the gym and work out what GOD has naturally given but there are certain numerals that we are unaware of before we start in this endeavour. Today latest check out some figures everyone who is aspiring to have a good body should be aware of.


The metabolic rate of an average male is 1500 to 1800 calories per day. When someone is working out you obviously need more. Let's say you need 1500 calories for your daily needs, then when you work out you burn 1000 calories and therefore your food intake should compensate this and in addition, you need to have eaten 2500 calories just simply to maintain your weight.


For those who are body specific then

For an Ectomorph the ideal goal is 4000 calories per day and should be divided as 30% for protein 40 -50 per cent for carbohydrates 20 -30% of fat. This translates to 1200 calories of protein 1600 to 2000 calories of carbohydrates and 800 to 1200 Calories of fat.

For a Mesomorph the ideal goal would be 3500 calories per day with the same percentage distribution. Its calorie distribution would be 3050 calories for protein 1400 to 1750 calories of carbohydrates 700 to 1050 calories of fat

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