There are certain very amazing facts that music can provide you. The reason why some of us love hearing songs is that our brain releases dopamine while the song is being played. In truth, dopamine gets released at the peak moment of a song that we are most anticipating about. Music is among the very few activities in the entire human life that can utilize the entire brain. A person listening to his favourite music under and EMI scanner will show most parts of his brain highlighted as most parts of his brain are doing a work or secreting particular chemicals that have risen as a result of listening to music. Studies have shown that playing music regularly and continuously for long periods of time can physically alter your brain structure. This has been proven when studying musicians and found out that their cortex volume was significantly higher than the regular person. Most of us have an emotional attachment to a particular song purely because its context dependent. The memory that actually causes sadness somehow related to the lyrics or the video or the mood for the very first time you ever listened to the song.

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