We have all at one point in our life tried our hand at solving a Rubik’s cube. Some of us successful while some of us not so much. When it was first made, it took the first person to solve it a months’ time. I had a friend who upon seeing the cube for the first time immediately said “this is easy”, you keep trying random turns till you get it correct. In a 3X3 there are forty-three quintillion possibilities, to put this in perspective if we had as many 6 centimeter large Rubik's Cubes as there are permutations, we could cover the surface of the Earth 275 times. Records have been broken and set countless times in regards to how fast one can solve it, how fast one can solve it with only 1 hand, how fast one can solve it while being blindfolded, so on and so forth.

Mathematicians have derived a ‘GOD number’ which illustrates the smallest number of moves needed for a cube at any given random starting position to finish the puzzle. This number for a 3X3 cube is found to be 20. Considering one move is a 90o or 180o twist of any face, a Google donated CPU solved every position in under 21 moves and this number came to be.

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