April 2019 will always be a very historic month for the human race in itself.  This is because the first ever image of a black hole was captured in the same month. Why is this an important event? It is because we have literally done the impossible. One can never truly observe the black hole because to observe something light needs to reflect from it back to our eyes. In the case of a black hole, there is no light coming from within it. Anything including photons once it passes the Event Horizon gets sucked into the black hole. The image that was captured shows a fiery orange colour which is actually not the black hole but the immense energy that it is being consumed by the black hole. The real black hole rests in the centre of the image which is truly dark. If we could safely visualize the events that are unfolding near the black hole we would see the objects almost falling over but never actually reaching the black hole this is because it is only till that point that we can perceive things. Light from beyond that point never reaches us.

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