From everything that is understandable to us, Dark energy which is represented by a cosmology can constant whose energy density can vary in time and space is accelerating the expansion of the known universe. Then at a certain point, the universe will cool as it expands and would become too cold to sustain any sort of sentient life. As the universe expands with no boundaries then the space between the cluster galaxies will grow at a very increased rate. The redshift will expand from normal 10 12 to 10 14. Thereby the eventual supply of gases that are needed for star formation will be exhausted and all the existent stars of the universe will slowly cease to shine and the only known bodies in the universe would be black holes and they themselves will disappear as they keep on emitting Hawking radiation. Ultimately the entire universe will reach a state of uniform temperature where no ‘work’ will be made possible and the death of the universe will occur.

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