Time Travel has always been an extremely fascinating subject for human beings. Movies, series, books, plays and many other forms of art have all included Time Travel as their fundamental subject. The reason is that we have not fully understood or grasped the concept of time travel for ourselves. Even though there exist numerous paradoxes and scientific reasoning as to why time travel will never be possible let us shed some light on the only 2 do basic possibilities to exist if time travel was indeed possible.


•          Single timeline: In this model of time travel any event that has happened will remain unchanged and the possibility of time travel would be the cause of a certain event to have occurred. One can never alter the events of this timeline as those altered events could lead to the possibility of time travel never needing to exist in the first place.


•          Multiverse theory: In this model, when someone travels across time he is travelling to an alternate timeline. A timeline in which there has been a change and that change is his arrival from an alternate universe. For all intents and purposes, the original timeline will cease to exist.


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