One of the most powerful and confounding objects in existence in our universe has been witnessed for the very first time on April 10th 2019. Of course, we are talking about the first ever recorded image of a black hole. For those who have seen the image, it looks like an out of focus campfire but the amount of data that went into collecting that image would approximate to 40000 people taking selfies in their entire lifetime. This image was captured by using eight radio telescopes located in different parts of the world. They were synchronized to form an array called a ‘very large baseline in interferometer’ which would combine the signal strength of the observations on different corners of the globe to form an array as large as the earth itself. For us humans, our sense of sight is limited to perceiving photons in the visible spectrum and those objects who do not reflect light or swallow it up like in the case of a black hole our eyes tend to focus on the colours around the edges of these objects and this is what has happened in the case of the black hole as well.

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