There exists a classical paradox which asks the question “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”? This philosophical question later became a famous mathematical paradox as and was concluded the same. The statement itself is paradoxical as there is neither an unstoppable force nor an immovable object. The statement is physically wrong in the first place. The origin of this however takes place in ancient China where the story speaks of a man who was trying to sell a spear and shield when asked how good his spear was he replied “it can penetrate any shield” when asked how good the shield was he replied “it can defend any spear” then one person asked what would happen if the spear would strike his shield and the seller did not have an answer. Many claims of an even ancient story of how ‘Teumessian fox’ which could never be caught and the hound ‘laelaps’ never misses what it hurts and realizing this, Zeus turned both of them into static stars.

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