Number Theory


Number theory was always the fascinations for both amateurs as well as professional Mathematicians. The uniqueness of this field of Mathematics is that even though the theory itself can be understood by Le man (layman) its subsequent proofs often require a competent Mathematical background. . It stands to be said that until the mid-20th century, number theory was considered as the purest branch of Mathematics. The only drawback was that it had no direct application in the real world but with the involvement and incorporation of digital computers it was discovered that the number theory could provide very unexpected answers to real-world problems. Notable examples include factoring large numbers, determining primes, testing conjectures, and solving numerical problems once considered out of reach.

Modern number theory is classified into

•          Elementary Number Theory

•          Algebraic Number Theory

•          Analytic Number Theory

•          Geometric Number Theory

•          Probabilistic Number Theory



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