Ice 7 is a cubic crystalline form of ice which can be formed from liquid water when it is subjected to a pressure up to 30000 atmospheres. Different types of ice exist from Ice 2 to Ice 7 all of which have been created in the lab at different temperatures and pressure.  Ice 7 is a metastable version as it is structurally stable over a wide range of temperature and pressure. It is also the only disordered face of ice that can be produced by simply cooling below 273 Kelvin and applying a pressure up to 8 GPA. It is believed that ice 7 may be present in the ocean floors of Europe as well as certain extra solar panels which are largely made of water and have high pressure. The structure of ice 7 compresses of a hydrogen bond framework with two un-bonded sub lattices which pass through the centre of the water hexamers.  It has a density of 1.65-gram centimetre

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