According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, the universe is completely deterministic which means it is possible to predict the entire evolution of the universe by knowing just its conditions at a certain moment of time. But Rodger Penrose’s cosmic censorship hypothesis states the failure of determinism because it is unable to predict the behaviour of a space-time universe in the causal future of a singularity. The physical behaviour of a singularity is unknown and therefore if singularities could be observed from the rest of spacetime, causality may break down, and physics would lose its predictive power.

There are two different types of cosmic censorship hypothesis present

•          The week cosmic censorship hypothesis states that the singularities must be hidden from an observer at Infinity and must be done so by the Event Horizon of a black hole.

•          The strong cosmic censorship hypothesis states that the fate of for observers must be included in the initial data and this asymptotically flat initial data is locally in extendable as a regular Lorentzian manifold.


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