According to Einstein solutions of field equations, the word singularity refers to one of two things

•          A space like singularity

•          A time like singularity

A space like singularity is a phenomenon in which matter is compressed to a singular point and time like singularity is a phenomenon where certain light rays are coming from a region with infinite curvature.

In our known Universe a non-rotating and charged black hole behaves like a space like singularity while rotating black hole exacts solutions similar to those of a time like singularity. This singularity theorem is for the whole universe and it works backwards in time thereby guaranteeing that the Big Bang had infinite density.  However, it still fails to explain the inflation past the boundaries of the inflating region of spacetime which is termed as the inflationary cosmologies which are still past incomplete.

These were confirmed according to the results by Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems. Here at MathsOne, one of the Best Maths Tuition Centres in Kerala we educate our students in the basics of Mathematics that we often overlook.