Travelling to India’s northern states in the winter will make anyone say “it’s too cold here”, travel to the European nations and this feeling gets multiplied. The Boomerang Nebula in the constellation Centaurus is considered as the coldest known place in the entire Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope showcased the nebula as two opposing, overlapped boomerangs and they observed that because the star present in the center is at the end of its life cycle, it expands by the outpour of gases and sometimes these gases travel at speeds of 500,000 km/hour which causes this cooling effect. The temperature at the nebula is colder than the side of the moon that has never seen sunlight. It is colder than the coldest point in our solar system. It is even colder the background temperature of space. Its temperature is estimated at one Kelvin which is only one Kelvin short than the coldest possible temperature that is attainable by a body and or particle in this universe.

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