It does not need to be said that Children love games and in this rat race when students move from school to tuition they don’t have any time for recreational activities. Of course we can’t shift the blame to any one as the completion is indeed fierce and striving to be on the top needs some sacrifice. Studies reveal that children grasp a concept or make a better effort at understanding when it is revealed to them it’s fun side or when a healthy competition is introduced. Two things that contribute any known game. Involving a bit of puzzles and tricks to the mixture of teaching can go a long way. Kids would feel more active and more involved when we fuse games into the art of learning. Personally I feel this is the way to teach any subject not just Mathematics. Here at MathsOne, the best Tuition center in Trivandrum every topic is handled in similar fashion. Never will the students feel bored or disinterested in a topic; this I say with cent percent assurance.