In Physics, a Magnetic Monopole is a hypothetical elementary particle that has only one Magnetic pole. It means that it either has a north pole or a south pole or does not have 2 poles. A Magnetic Monopole would have a net "Magnetic charge".

According to famous physicist Paul A. M. Dirac if any Magnetic Monopoles exist in the universe, then all electric charge in the universe must be quantized. Since then several experiments and events have showcased what many initially interpreted as Monopoles, but are now regarded as inconclusive. Therefore, it remains an open question of whether Monopoles exist. To this date, there is no known experimental or observational evidence that Magnetic Monopoles exist.  Some condensed matter systems propose a structure superficially similar to a Magnetic Monopole, known as a flux tube. These condensed-matter systems remain an area of active research.

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